What Goes Around

There’s an old saying “What goes around, comes around”, which means that karma, the mythical force that evens things up will make sure that if it’s unfair to you this time, it’ll be fair to you next time.

Sir Alex Ferguson – Man Utd’s Karma Chameleon

Of course football fans, whilst occasionally celebrating a ‘karma’ moment, know it’s really complete bullsh*t. Fairness simply doesn’t exist. Try asking Martin Jol last night after Fulham manfully parked the bus against Man Utd, only to fail to be awarded a penalty at Old Trafford.

Those who want to prove/stretch a point will say Fulham got what they deserved because of their negative football, but the failure of the referee (Michael Oliver) to award a penalty demonstrates once again the manufactured “luck” of Man Utd. Largely, one has to acknowledge, due to the reputation and mind games of Sir Alex.

Free-Speech or Karma

Anyway, on another ‘karma’ note – justice prevailed in the case of the Swansea University student who was horrible and abusive on twitter about Muamba. He’s just been jailed for 56 days. Now there are those who will decry his denial of “free speech” and those who will say as it was on twitter and not said out loud, that it “shouldn’t count”. Both arguments don’t wash quite frankly and the idiot, whether he’s genuinely bigoted or not, did make racially offensive comments.

I wonder if this is the start of a crackdown on offensive stupidity on-line? Some would say it’s about time – for too long people have been able to get away with being abusive on-line, especially under a cloud of anonymity. While some argue anonymity is essential to freedom and free-speech, it also allows a huge amount of abusive behaviour. Now that’s a topic for a larger debate.

Anyway, in the meantime, it’s worth knowing that if some ‘anonymous’ bozo on twitter starts being racist and abusive, they can be reported, and action may be taken – not just paid lip service to via Twitter customer service, but real action.


The Changing Face of Alex Songs Hair

Arsenal news is sparse at the moment, so┬ámuch so that a spoof story has been put up on the website mocking Carl Jenkinson’s haircut. Stupid ‘news’ story, but especially ridiculous in light of Alex Song’s forays into hair fashion.

I collected some images of Songs various hair changes and to be fair, some of them are absolute disasters.

Anyway, like I say, slow news day on the Arsenal front. Which is nice…. no dramas to spoil the day, nobody (else) injured, nobody leaving, nobody protesting.

……. and, relax. Karma, eh?


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