See, it’s not so bad

Robin LostThanks to the BBC and Getty Images for the picture above.

And now….. is that not at the same time a delicious image, and a saddening image?

It’s delicious because the person who turned his back on Arsenal, after professing his love for the club, has failed in his first outing for his new club.

Now, I’m no fool, and of course he’ll probably come good sooner or later there (although I hope he doesn’t), but for now, that sight of him looking sad in his new kit (which is hideous by the way) is a sight to bring a little glad light into Arsenal fans’ hearts.

It’s saddening too because I don’t like to see a player I formerly loved, playing for one of our greatest rivals. Oh, it’s nice that they lost on their first outing, and it puts our own result into perspective. But I don’t like to see Robin playing for someone else, even though he put himself there.

Anyway, I didn’t want to write a long one today, just wanted to (a) gloat a little, especially in case we don’t get too many chances to do that this season, and (b) remind the negative ninnys that things could be worse. We faces a good team, organised very professionally, playing specific tactics, and we did okay. Man Utd faces he same thing and failed – in fact Everton could have had a few more goals, which I hope augers well this season.

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