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Santos, the new Eboue?

I wonder what will happen to Santos now that Monreal has come in and walked into the left back role. Santos has proved capable of some great play going forward, particularly a threat as he runs at defenders. Sadly his … Continue reading

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Support: Shut Up Sit Down?

There’s a guy who sits behind me at matches, since I came back down from my brief sojourn up in Club level, who spends the whole of every match complaining loudly and very nastily about almost every single play. That’s … Continue reading

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Crisis? What Crisis?

Things go from bad to worse at Arsenal as they play really badly and only just barely manage to scrape 3 points via a fortunate penalty decision. Apparently. So… third in the league, 3 wins on the bounce, a win’s … Continue reading

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Here’s your saviour, morons -> Although it appears he may have been a tad incorrect in the bullshit he’s spouting, at least according to the man he’s pretending to defend -> Of course the haters will just say that … Continue reading

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Things I will never understand

This for one -> Not the apology or the reaction of the club, but if you value something, why would you treat it badly? If you love your club & value being able to watch them all the time, why … Continue reading

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Have a Heart, Use your Head

I will always love my club. Arsenal have been the love of my life since I was 5 years old and I just turned 49 this year. Arsenal have had some great fan support. Certainly within the Arsenal fraternity it … Continue reading

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A Review

I was going to do a standard type review of yesterday’s game, having had a full day to relax about it and look back with some perspective. Then today we get news that Peter Hill-Wood, the old grouch who seems … Continue reading

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